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Given that today's technology has developed a lot, it produces better products by taking its share of this development in each sector and of course offers these products to your valuable customers. Subject Bticino as a brand where the most product sales are made in our country, the company always continues its path with its innovative principle in order to make your life more comfortable and easier. At us Eleksa Elektrik as a company, we come to you as an organization that has received the dealership of Bticino company, which performs production without compromising quality, and has offered you the opportunity to provide every product it produces. As you know, in recent years, it has become possible to control various functions of the circle, such as sound system, temperature adjustment, with a single movement. Here you can provide local control from where you sit with the home automation system, you can turn your life into much more comfortable than it is.

Undoubtedly, your best solution partner in achieving this comfort will be the products of Bticino. By contacting us, you can provide every product you need, and moreover, by providing it in the best price conditions, you can sign both pleasant and profitable purchases. Our company Eleksa Elektrik it allows you to shop individually, as well as helps you smoothly in bulk purchases. Bticino brand security, outlet, lighting control, blinds, user interfaces, intercom and temperature, such as product categories are in our stock and we have the potential to provide as many units as you want.

When you fill out the offer form at the bottom of our official website and specify the brands and products you want along with your contact information, you will be returned to you by the relevant unit as soon as possible. Also Eleksa Elektirik if you want to work with and earn every day of the year, you can also provide us with transportation by mail or our contact number. Our company, which can offer you many more along with the electrical infrastructure of buildings and visual auxiliary products, also assumes the dealership of the most powerful companies. We recommend that you do not waste time contacting bticino products, which are just one of them, and check out their series, whose functional features are more than similar to their proportions.

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